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Here is a collection of shikishi by Suga Gendo Roshi (1919 - 2005), abbot Tafukuzan Zuisen-ji. He studied with Ashikaga Shizan. He was a painter, calligrapher and tea master.

The collection of shikishi is followed by a few scrolls.
Enso:  THE RIVER MOON SHINES, THE PINE WIND BLOWS.Enso:  MUJI (Doing Nothing)Enso:  PURE BREEZE, BRIGHT MOON.Enso:  WHEN THE MIND IS STILL ONE'S LIFE IS EXTENDEDEnso: TONIGHT ONE DISK OF THE MOON FILLS THE WHOLE WORLD.Enso + Undeciphered.  (Nyo Ze (suchness) + 2 kanji)Enso + Undeciphered.Enso + Undeciphered.Enso + Undeciphered.Enso + Undeciphered.Suga Gendo - Every Day is a Good DaySuga Gendo - The Pure Flow Knows No GapsSuga Gendo - Doing Nothing - That's the Noble PersonSuga Gendo - BARRIERBE YOUR OWN HERO!Suga Gendo: BARRIER:    When a bird sings the mountains become more quiet (profound).HAVE A CUP OF TEAKATSU!  (Zen shout) + undeciphered textWATERFALL:  The water falls straight down 3,000 feetFLOWER  -  Opens for Everyone