Artist’s Statement

My work is hand-held closeup photography on the streets using natural light.

When notions of beautiful and ugly are set aside, there are many surfaces to be seen at street level - construction dumpsters, lampposts, fire alarm boxes, graffiti-covered doors and walls, mailboxes, and so on - that when examined closely and framed through the camera's lens, form abstract and almost painterly images full of life.

I am self-taught. However my eye has been informed by a lifetime of looking at paintings. It operates through unmediated listening to my body’s responses to what is seen.

While taking photographs I have no particular goal in mind for them. But I do have a process goal: that of pure looking and pure response.

I recently moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan and work in children's publishing.

Smile Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY - Group show, April - June 2011.