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In the course of their lives, construction dumpsters get beat up, banged, dented, scratched, splattered, covered in graffiti, burnt, rusted, stenciled, stickered, repainted and scratched again.

When notions of beautiful and ugly are set aside, portions of these dumpsters - when looked at closely and framed through a camera ... and without any intention of their own - form seemingly abstract, almost painterly images full of life of one quality or another.

This is not unique to construction dumpsters, as my other photographs will attest to.

There is an old saying: "Many garlands can be made from a heap of flowers."

Shown here are dumpsters primarily from Manhattan and Brooklyn, but also from Las Vegas, Seattle, Wilmington, DE, and Titusville, FL. They are organized chronologically from 2005 to the present.
Brown Dumpster #1 - Brooklyn, 2005