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Imagine the calligraphy framed together with the photo, with the calligraphy on the left, and the photo on the right. Each would be the same height; Only the width of the pieces would vary.
Yamada Mumon - Know for SureYamada Mumon - WALKING, I reach where the stream's source isHawaii Nature CenterKeido Fukushima - Seen from the Distance, Mountains have ColorKeido Fukushima -  LEAVES:  for you the fresh breeze risesYamada Mumon - ENSOMatsunaga Gozan (1943-), Abbot of Koto-in, Daitoku-ji,  - Water is WaterHawaii Nature CenterYamamoto Gempo - I feel as if I'm living in the moonKasumi Bunsho - WIND:  What color is the wind?Yamada Mumon - Every day is newWave HillYamada Mumon - FLOWER:  A single flower blooms and in the whole world is it spring