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Emptiness (Ku, Sunyata)The tiger roars once; The moon shines high above the mountains.Alone I sit on Great Courage Peak3,000 ....  the rest of the text is undecipheredUndecipheredPainting of a radish and a mouse + textPlum:  painting + textPainting of a Mum:  Gathering mums within the eastern bamboo fence, distantly gazing at the southern hills.Painting of bamboo:  Pines don't have diferent ancient and present colors; bamboo have joints up and down.Painting of an Ox at rest + textUndecipheredPainting of bamboo + text (undeciphered)Painting + text (undeciphered)text of preceding tanzakuThe great Way has no gates; There are thousands of different ways in.Painting of a sheep/ram + textPainting of a sheep/ram + textPine wind, red moon (?)Mountain flowers blossom like silk brocadeSummer breeze from the south