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Sensei Gregory chants the lineageBowing to the transmission documentsWater offeringTeacher and dharma heir bow to each other (note the laying of hands on top of each other's hands)Mutual assurancesMutual assurancesExamining the lineage chartFinding their names on the lineage chart and marking them with waxreceiving the robes; Dharma Holder Jean assists Sensei MarisaDharma Holder Jean and Sensei Marisa bow to each other in gratitudeReceiving the rakusu.  This is the gold rakusu for teachers on formal occasionsReceiving the everyday rakusu for teachersReceiving the white silk "kesa" for lay teachersSensei Marisa's first Dharma talk as a teacherSensei Marisa's first Dharma talk as a teacherSensei Gregory explains where S. Marisa's teaching stick came from. (..a willow on the Abel's farm)Roshi Janet's teaching stick (top). Sensei Marisa's teaching stick (bottom)congratulating our new teacher