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Off to a sunny start - lunch while changing planes at St. Louis.The airport at Kona, HI, is so small one has to depart via steps.Kona Coast Resort - Priceline @ $75 per night!View from the hillside looking north over Kona.The first commercial chocolate manufacturer on the Big Island.Boy holding a ripe cacao (chocolate) pod.The tour in the cacao tree grove.cacao pods growingRipe cacao pods - different subspecies ripen into different colorsThe insides of a cacao pod.  Each bean is wrapped in a sweet, white lining.Gecko licking the sweet beansdrying the beansOn the road, heading north to the pass to the east side of the island.Approaching the pass - Note the clouds over the horizon.  Dry to left (west), Wet to right (east).The landscape changes to grassy pasture land.pasture land